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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vanity Fair

Posted by John Holbo on 04/19/05 at 01:14 AM

Only three nominations in response to my reputation economy post. Into the roll they go: Acephalous, who has been a very welcome presence in the comment box for our entire two week existence; Jenny Davidson, of Light Reading; she’s an English prof and novelist. Last but not least, Dave Fiore, Motime Like the Present. (Thanks for reminding me, Josh!) Dave has been a welcome commenter at good ol’ J&B from time to time. He is witty. Now he says he’s moving on from comicsblogging - ‘ceptin Cerebus - to film, literature, politics, philosophy. Visit him.

In other news, the reliably Nabokovian nnyhav plants a link to a Guardian review of a new Empson biography in comments to my mock-pastoral Lethem-Chabon post. Complete with post-appropriate quote: “Life involves maintaining oneself between contradictions that can’t be solved by analysis.” Speaking of Nabokov and Chabon, here’s a Bookforum piece on the latter, “Lie, Memory”. Not very flattering. [And now comments alert me to a NY Times article on the Chabon case. Apparently the author of the Bookforum piece, Maliszewski, may himself be guilty of maintaining himself between contradictions that do not admit of any obviously satisfactory analysis.]

Plus nnyhav links to a very interesting Bangs on Eno piece, “A Sandbox in Alphaville". Who knew Eno was “terribly attracted to women with ocular damage”? I like this exchange:

Bangs: When I hear the word ‘shaman’ I reach for my revolver.

Eno: I don’t think it’s a word we should be so afraid of. Being afraid of it only imputes to it more of those qualities we disliked in the first place. Lots of people are shamans.

Do you think that’s true? Joking aside, the whole long piece is well worth the fascination of those likely to be fascinated by tales of Roxy Music; Eno and Fripp. Eno’s background, education, approach and philosophy.


Perfect Sound Forever generally has good articles.  That panel with Eno, Philip Glass, Jerry Casale, Leroy Jenkins and Fripp must have been pretty interesting.

By ben wolfson on 04/19/05 at 11:25 AM | Permanent link to this comment

Also interesting that Charles Hayward was one of the two final candidates for Roxy Music’s drummer!  I suppose this interview took place before the formation of This Heat since Eno doesn’t mention it at all.

By ben wolfson on 04/19/05 at 11:40 AM | Permanent link to this comment

On the article attacking Chabon, apparently its conclusions are hotly disputed, with Chabon and others saying that he always made it clear in various ways that his “autobiorgraphical” lecture stories were fictional. Here’s a Times article on the dust up:


And a Daniel Drezner post:


By on 04/19/05 at 01:31 PM | Permanent link to this comment

I missed the first call for additions to the (long, good, impressive) blogroll, but I would like to be included. I am an English Professor, blogging about reading and writing more than about theory or academia. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been poking around here since the start and have already written a bit about what I’ve seen… http://fernham.blogspot.com/2005/04/worst-truth-about-engine.html

By Anne on 04/20/05 at 10:05 AM | Permanent link to this comment


International Exhibition on Fluid Engineering ang Process Industry

The 9th International Valves, Actuators,Pipings,Fittings, Pumps, compressors,Seals,Fluid Machinery,
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You are welcome to attend our FLOWEXPO!

FLOWEXPO , which is International Exhibition on Fluid Engineering ang Process Industry , was founded in March,1997. We can attend this expo once a year at GUANGZHOU . The Expo date is the last Wednesday in March every year, and it will last 3 days.

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FLOWEXPO will provide you with good favor in exploiting market and seeking commerce opportunity! We can make sure that our exhibition will achieve greater effect , both the businessman and audience this year!

If you want to book our showcase , please apply for it in advance; if you want to visit our exhibition ,you are welcome to register. Please contact with us as soon as possible.

Exhibit profile

valves for general industrial use
gate valves
butterfly valves
globe valves
ball and plug valves
diaphragm valves
other shut-off valves
check valves
regulators and control valves
pressure, temperature and level limit valves
separators and dischargers
pipe expansion joints and connection devices
valve actuators and controls
valve driving devices
Valve Control Components

valves for special industrial or similar use
valves for the production and distribution of water and for sewage water
valves for pipelines for gas, crude oil and destillation products of crude oil
valves for the municipal gas distribution
valves for district heating
valves for the chemical industry
valves for the pharmaceutical industry
valves for conventional power plants
valves for ship-building industries
valves for refrigeration plants and heat pumps
valves for drink and food industrials
fire-fighting valves
valves for containers and tanks
valves for other industrial uses

valves for use in domestic appliances and similar installations
sanitary valves
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valves for agricultural and similar purposes

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Industrial pumps:
-Centrifugal pumps for water and heat supply
Borehole pumps for lifting water
Centrifugal & axial pumps for land improvement and irrigation
Centrifugal & vortex pumps for sewerage
Centrifugal pumps for oil transportation and processing
Energy pumps for thermoelectric and nuclear power stations
Marine pumps
Drain and concrete pumps
Chemical pumps
Processing pumps: pumps-crushers, pumps-mixers,
Food pumps: pumps-separators, dispersant pumps, pumps-demulsifies
Suction dredges, gravel pumps, slurry pumps
Centrifugal pumps for paper & pulp
Piston, plunger, lobar pumps
Screw, gear, diaphragm, peristaltic pumps

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- Gas production, transportation and processing;
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- Metallurgy industry;
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process instrumentation, measurement, controls, automation and associated equipment and services.
■ Industrial Process Measurement and Control Instrument
flow, level, temperature and pressure measurements;
analytical instruments, environmental instrumentation;
systems and communications;
process control and safeguarding;
data management;
standards and practices.
■ Process Automation & control Systems
process controls,
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Visitor structure

■ Traders
dealers, agents, wholesalers, import & export companies, trading organizations, mechanical and electrical companies, supply station
■ Scientific research and design organizations
design institutes, engineering design companies, research institutes, research academies
■ Installation companies/Engineering companies
mechanical and electrical installation companies, water and electrical installation companies, industrial equipment installation companies, tap water installation companies, water supply and draining engineering companies, fire prevention installation companies, refrigerating and air conditioning installation companies, environmental protection engineering companies, coal gas installation companies, architectural installation companies, boiler installation companies, pipe installation companies, instrument engineering companies, automation engineering companies, architectural engineering companies, petroleum chemicals engineering companies
■ Users
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■ Key projects, major projects, other related organizations

Exhibition Fee

Shell scheme (3Mx3M) : US$ 2,000 per booth
Shell Schell Booth including three-side wall partition,one table two chairs,two lights 220 V/10A electricity power outlet,one set of board wiht booth number and company name

Indoor Raw Space
US$ 200 per square meter (min. 27 square meter)
The cost covers:exhibition site,security and cleaning service

Free Service
Publish the company introduction in Chinese and English in less than 300 words on the exhibition journal,Please do provide e-file draft in form of Word,or send by e_mail,draft by hand will not be accepted.
Cleaning the exhibition site regularly and guarding the exhibition site.
Providing the admission tickets and invitation cards to the exhibitors for inviting customers


Guangzhou Flow Expo Co., Ltd.,
(Guangzhou Free Trade Zone Shibo Exhibition Co., Ltd., )
ADD:505 Lifeng Center,7 Qingnian Rood,GETDD,Guangzhou,china
FAX:86-20-82214624、82209956 P.C.:510730

By wanwan on 06/13/05 at 09:07 PM | Permanent link to this comment

Wanwan, I’ve told you several times that I’m not sold on your actuators/solenoids market penetration/viability.

By Jonathan on 06/13/05 at 10:07 PM | Permanent link to this comment

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